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                Please be careful about "business mail fraud" urging remittance to a fake account



                Please be careful about "business mail fraud" urging remittance to a fake account.

                It is checked that "business mail fraud" is sent by someone improperly.

                The mail is pretending to be outgoing from us, but we inform you that we do not have any relation with the sender of the mail and its contents.

                If an answer and a question are performed carelessly on the said mail, there is also danger of a cheat act and virus infection, so we would like to ask you to delete promptly.


                Example of business mail fraud

                Thanks for the mail, please be informed that we cannot receive the payment with our OLD account due to the recent Tax Investigation by the government which we are currently going through which has put the payment to the account on hold.

                Due to this situation the management has urged all our customers to pay to our attached subsidiary bank details attached.

                Please kindly assist us on the approval and provide us with the payment proof once it has been done so we can check with our bank.




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